"Greatness is a lot of small things done well - Everyday…" 

A silent supporter, a caring crusader, a rebel shattering the stereotypes or the one assertively defining career types…a gentle mother, a re-assuring rock of a wife, a sweet girl grown-up too soon... The one who always smiles, the one who never shies…balanced, sorted, perspicuous – or maybe a continual learner, storming her way through mistakes and messes… There she is - a fighter hell-bent to break the shell or beat the relationship hell, a self-made entrepreneur, a fin-guru – or simply a busy working professional – with juggling skills better than any juggler…

None of them is extraordinary or out of this world….but the way they deal with life’s challenges makes everything and every day – remarkable and powerful. They are the Women of Ahmedabad – the spirit, the beauty, the strength behind our pulsating, throbbing, gorgeous city! Their greatness is not in their names or the so-called extraordinariness – but in their gentle touch, their formidable presence and their fiercely compassionate modesty. For us – they truly are special!     


Pictures and Story – Manish Patel

Compilation - Ritu Batra




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