The Buddhist kingdom in the high Himalayas is undergoing a transmutation that is worth experiencing. 

Sandwiched between two power-hungry nations, Bhutan is like the delectable stuffing in the middle. Mysterious and overwhelmingly beautiful, it comes with all right ingredients that are currently making this landlocked country, with China to the north and India to its south, an incredible destination. 

There is a rustic charm about the Dragon Kingdom that makes you fall in love instantly. Even the most intrepid travelers who have seen it all will agree.




Bhutan definitely deserves to celebrate its many triumphs. After assuming low profile for many centuries, this introverted country is rapidly moving from a medieval to a post-modern nation.

Another thing that has made the world sit up and take notice is Bhutan’s core concept of Gross National Happiness (GNH). Powered by the unique Buddhist philosophy, the country seems to be marching ahead. GNH reiterates that the happiness of the people matters more than the Gross Domestic Product.

Equitable and equal socioeconomic development, Preservation and promotion of cultural and spiritual heritage, Conservation of environment, Good governance which are interwoven, complimentary and consistent to make happiness valued above everything.

Standard of living , Health of the population, Education, Ecosystem, Vitality and Diversity, Culture-Vitality and Diversity, Time use and balance, Good governance, Community vitality, Emotional well being are constantly being monitored so as to find areas of improvement and decided the future action plans which has seen improvement in many key development indicators, like life expectancy, health coverage, school enrollment & Literacy rates.

Any economic evolution that happens in the country must be in harmony with tradition and culture, ecological policies, the fundamental being, economic development should be balanced with spiritual well being.

Everyone in Bhutan, age no bar, is smiling all the time, the genuine kind which reflects their happiness within.

Manish had travelled with school children to Bhutan

Written and Captured By Manish Patel



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