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One stop shop & Product Designer – Sumanyu Patel

The product designer from ISD France loves user-centric & simple design with a belief that design should be accessible to all. Currently, Sumanyu is putting his creative hours on designing travel gears. We fully trust him for collaboration & coordination with other designers. Sumanyu also enjoys being behind the camera and as well as in front of it. The world is beautiful for him.

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Home product Designer - Priyanka Agarwal

Priyanka has completed her graduation in the field of Interior Design from Faculty of Design, CEPT University – Ahmedabad. An experienced and compassionate leader, in her decade long career she has worked on diverse portfolio of residences, offices hotels and cafes. She endorses minimalism in a vernacular context, evident from her preference for local materials and traditional techniques. Fitness, modelling, swimming and green tea break keeps her busy on weekdays and weekends.

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Eye - Anjali Vasa Sheth

A loving mother with passion for all inclusive design. Anjali presently juggles raising her two sweet daughters Mishti and Mithi. Her educational qualifications include a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Visual Communication from NID. Anjali is a proud Indian, a talented dancer and loves exploring nature, local culture and craft. She is the soul behind our charming identity.

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Bread winner - Utkarsh Patel

Head of Business Development – Utkarsh Patel. Utkarsh was born with entrepreneurship coded into his DNA and with major in Digital Marketing and minor in Environmental Science has taken up the challenge of promoting a slow and sustainable life style to the internet generation. If he’s not busy crafting a idea to create awareness about the damages we do to ourselves and planet with our current lifestyle, our national level tennis player will have put on his travelling shoes without disclosing the destination and time of return.

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Menswear Designer - Mina Patel

Mina decided to pursue her true passion in life at the age of 45 and is a talented fashion designer. She’s proven her worth and emerged victorious in competitions against students of NID & NIFT pedigree. Calm and composed, Mina is a firm yoga devotee and accomplished, level 10 ballroom dancer. A movie buff to the core, she enjoys Bengali and French movies as much as Bollywood.

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‘Mitti ki khushboo’ - Chintan Sheth

Chintan Sheth is the perfumer behind our range of natural perfumes. He has done his Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering with Master’s in Perfumery from ISIPCA Versailles – France. If not creating fragrances, you will find him engrossed in the world of cricket!!

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Mind, body & soul - Manish Patel

He is the ‘mitti’ of ‘mitti’. He makes things happen at ‘mitti’.

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Textile and womanwear designer - Ujjval Shah

An Alumni of NID - Ahmedabad and MS University- Vadodara, Our Textile & woman wear designer. Designing & Developing her own Ambar spun yarn and hand woven khadi cotton on handloom has been her forte. Dyeing has always been either natural or azo free. Knowing weaver & dyer by their first name across India is wealth to her. “Chai pe gappa” with likeminded people during the peak work time is her “Hygge”. She is happiest narrating the story of her last authentic craft purchase from the places less visited.

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Friend, philosopher and mentor - Kiran Sethi

Kiran Sethi – an educationist and visionary. She is full of energy when it comes to Mitti. Likes George Clooney and Govinda in same breath.


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