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Mitti Way

The ideals of simplicity being the ultimate sophistication along with the Japanese concept of ‘Wabi – Sabi’ which translates to embracing imperfection and transience of aesthetics fused with some modern day sensibility, form the underlying philosophy of our design.
Season , trends , fads , vogue , rage and likes are happily missing in our

We are here about creating slow, purposeful designs that are effortlessly cool and perennially classic. Yes, great on you and great for the earth as well.

Our Story

Mitti is born out of an earthly desire to propel a shift in the consumerist mindset we find ourselves engulfed within.

We conceptualized Mitti with primary agenda of Slow & sustainable life style, devoid of any trends and the pollution associated with fast and in-vogue fashion.

Hence we consciously decided to use all things natural and organic to the extent possible. Organic cotton, khadi, linen, natural dye, azo free dye, reclaimed wood and clay for instance. 

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One42, Near Ashok Vatika, Off Ambli Bopal Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 380058


At Mitti, we have given the utmost attention towards sourcing. We only use natural fibre, fabric and dye which have been developed using sustainable practices in an eco-friendly approach. The entire process of manufacturing textiles is highly detrimental to our ecological balance.

Mitti is our modest attempt at restoring balance to the process of consuming textiles and hence we have ensured most of our textile sourcing is GOTS ( Global Organic Textile Standard ) certified and the dyes are either natural or azo free.