Gorgeous Green Round Platter

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Holistic, healthful and delightfully attractive, the statement round plate is stylish enough to take the center-stage at your dinner table. Turn it into an inviting fruit platter, heat up leftovers or simply jazz up your mundane roti-sabzi. Its mystically soothing marbled clouds, hand-achieved with different clays, its assurance of 100% food safety and track record of easy maintenance will leave you asking for more. We promise!     

-> rinse off excess food before washing your tableware and avoid scraping with metal
-> if you are such a dirtbag and there is caked on food, let it soak for a little while in lukewarm water then remove the spots or chunks with a plastic scouring pad
-> use a rubber mat in your sink to cushion your tableware or use a plastic basin
-> to avoid scratches from abrasive compounds, such as powdered cleanser, use a gentle soap or a mild detergent, one with a low-chlorine content that will not fade or react with the ornamentation
->to remove stains, such as those made by coffee or tea, or brown spots caused by contact with rusty machine parts or metal pans, choose a non­-abrasive cleaner with a creamy consistency, and apply it with a soft sponge.
-> when a buildup of film occurs, buff delicate dinnerware with a soft lint-free cloth
-> to hide unsightly scratches, use toothpaste as a filler and gently rub the marks. The paste hardens in about 1 hour
-> always use a soft sponge or a brush
-> dry with a linen tea towel